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in your newsletters or
publications in your
facility or service organizations

Those who bring sunshine
into the lives of others
cannot keep it
from themselves

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to your special

Give copies
of our poems to
friends who

are hurting.

Read poems
in church services,
Sunday school,
or devotions.

Edna Abbott


Poems of Joy@




1 The season for singing
2 Forever faithfull
3 The foolishness of worry
4 Looking for the humor
5 Playing it smart
6 When things are tough
7 Wings of Prayer
8 Expecting great things

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1 Angels

2 It's better up ahead
3 God is still God tomorrow
4 Thinkin' of Home
5 Jesus came and is coming
6 I go to prepare a place for you
7 Until then

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New book
My Cup Runneth Over
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Book 9

The Season
for Singing

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Book 10

to live with a full cup

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Book 11

God Made
Things Beautiful

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Book 12

God's Love

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Book 13

The Best Is
Yet To Come

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