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Awake My Soul and Sing
A Joyful Noise
Enjoying Small Joys
Try Humming
Still Up There
No Ordinary Folks
God Is Busy
Christmas In Your Heart
The New Year
The King Is Coming
Don't Go It Alone
What I Like Best
The Best You've Got
Busy But Blessed
Only One
Be An Encourager
Time Zones
The Window

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God said.......let the birds fly
above the earth across
the expanse of the sky.
So God created.......every winged bird
according to its kind.
And God saw that it was good.
God blessed them....

Genesis 1:20-22

See! The winter is past:
the rains are over and gone:
Flowers appear on the earth:
the season of singing has come:
the cooing of the doves is head
in the land.

Song of Songs 2:11-12