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Book 12 -
So Sing, My Heart - chapters
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1--Reflecting God's Love -------------380kb pdf file ,Living With a Joyful Heart -------Book 10-----2.66 mb pdf file
  2--God Did It --------------------------432kb pdf file
  3--Thank You, God ------------------- 383kb pdf file ,Do Something Beautiful For God --Book 11---3.27 mb pdf file
  4--A Song and a Prayer ---------------390kb pdf file
  5--God Knows Me and Loves Me---342kb pdf file
,So Sing, My Heart -----------------Book 12-----2.65 mb pdf file
  6--Forgiven and Happy--------------- 404kb pdf file
,Awake My Soul, and Sing ---------Book 9------4.40 mb pdf file
  7--Enjoying the Journey---------------382kb pdf file
,My Cup Runneth Over--------------Book 14----2.51 mb pdf file
Book 10 -
Living With a Joyful Heart - chapters
Book 11 - Do Something
Beautiful For God - chapters
  1--Choosing To Live With a Full Cup --- 355 kb pdf file 1--God Makes Things Beautiful ------- 386 kb pdf file  
  2--Encouragement,, Our Happiest Duty -- 356 kb pdf file 2--Do Something Beautiful for God --- 507 kb pdf file  
  3--Love - Family ---------------------------- 428 kb pdf file 3--So Sing, My Heart ----------------466 kb pdf file  
  4--Laughter - Looking For the Humor ----355 kb pdf file 4--Living At Its Best ----------------- 472 kb pdf file  
  5--Faith - Trust -------------------------------391 kb pdf file 5--What's A Guy To Do?-------------584 kb pdf file  
  6--Friendship ---------------------------------404 kb pdf file 6--From God's Family Tree ----------436 kb pdf file  
  7--The Savior-God's Greatest Gift ---------275 kb pdf file 7--Now Consider This ----------------400 kb pdf file  
  8---Prayer - Finding Help -------------------322 kb pdf file 8--Winning Ways ---------------------573 kb pdf file  
  9---God Is Good --------------------------- 282 kb pdf file    

Book 9 -
Awake My Soul, and Sing -chapters

Book 14 ---------NEW BOOK
My Cup Runneth Over - chapters


  1--The Season for Singing--------------799 kb pdf file
1--My Cup Runneth Over-------------446 kb pdf file
  2--Forever Faithful-----------------------540 kb pdf file 2--The Joy of Family and Friends----377 kb pdf file  
  3--The Foolishness of Worry----------607 kb pdf file 3--Loving God's Creation--------------430 kb pdf file  
  4--Looking for the Humor---------------689 kb pdf file 4--According to Your Faith------------439 kb pdf file  
  5--Playing It Smart-----------------------646 kb pdf file 5--Our Father in Heaven---------------366 kb pdf file  
  6--When Things Are Tough------------397 kb pdf file 6--Being God's Hands and Feet-------379 kb pdf file  
  7--Wings of Prayer----------------------.640 kb pdf file 7--If Anyone Opens the Door---------316 kb pdf file  
  8--Expecting Great Things--------------624 kb pdf file 8--I Go to Prepare a Place for You----364 kb pdf file